The Boston Song

The crazy idea from legendary Jon Aldrich’s Jingle Writing class at Berklee College of Music - If you can write a jingle for a product, who not for a city too?

Challenge Accepted


It was meant to be a pop song for a little Boston Pride, and turned into a skeleton key opening countless doors for us over the years. We were so fortunate to get the support of Berklee, Boston Parks, New England Ford Dealers, Boston City Council, and so many other amazing people as we committed hard to this project.

vince and eytan 2.jpg

Vincent Sneed & Eytan Nicholson

The writers of So Good (The Boston Song)


Vince, Eytan, and the music video wizard Ben Meyers pose in front of a flash mob video shoot for our subsequent Boston Pride post-marathon bombing follow up song, Beat As One

Connect with us directly for questions about the project and any licensing opportunities.